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Olympus IX83 Motorized Automated Multiwavelength with Autofocus Inverted Fluorescence Microscope - AV

Olympus IX83 Motorized Automated Multiwavelength with Autofocus Inverted Fluorescence Microscope - AV
Olympus IX83 Motorized Automated Multiwavelength with Autofocus Inverted Fluorescence Microscope - AV
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Here is an Olympus IX83 Motorized Automated Multiwavelength with Autofocus Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Setup for transmitted Brightfield with DIC and reflective Fluorescence studies

Condition, availability and customization
- Fully functional, serviced, and in good condition
- Optics professionally cleaned
- Comes with Brand New Fluorescence Filter Sets
- Can be custom-configured to the requirements of your application
- Will arrive timely, complete, and ready to be used

- This Olympus IX83 is a fully motorized inverted microscope with Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) capabilities and exceptional fluorescence imaging functionality.
- Engineered for versatility, this cutting-edge microscope is equipped with a comprehensive set of features, including a motorized stage and high quality optics, ensuring precise and efficient sample navigation.
- The integration of DIC enhances contrast in transparent specimens, while the fluorescence imaging setup allows for the visualization of specific cellular structures and molecular processes.
- The inclusion of Olympus cellSens Dimension software, featuring a well plate navigator and multi-position modules, further enhances the microscope's capabilities, enabling automated imaging of multiple samples in various positions.
- This system is ideal for a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from cell biology and neuroscience to pharmacology and pathology, providing researchers with a powerful tool for detailed and comprehensive imaging of diverse biological specimens.

- This microscope can be used in biological studies 
- Enhancing components, such as Fluorescence Filter Cubes have been added (Other components are available)
- The total current magnification of this microscope is 200x (Other objectives are available)
- This microscope is compatible with slides, microplates, and petri dishes. 
- The fluorescence light source included is an LED light source
- The included software allows for live viewing and image/video capture with variable resolutions settings

- The combination of motorized Z axis and cellSense software allows for push button autofocus

X-Cite LED Fluorescence LED Specifications

LED Peaks (nm) 365, 430, 475, 545, 635, 735
ON/OFF response time - 1ms USB
Lifespan - 25,000 hours

Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0LT sCMOS camera Specifications

Pixels - 2048 x 2048
Cell size - 6.5um x 6.5um
Sensor size - 13.312mm c 13.312mm
Quantum Efficiency - 70% at 600nm
Frame Rate - 30fps
AD conversion - 16 bit
Interface - USB 3.0

Olympus Dimension Software capabilities
Multipoint and stitched images can be acquired using the motorized stage. When combined
with the motorized Z, a focus map can be created from multiple points of focus, and you can
obtain stitched images with little focus deviation by removing sample tilt and distortion.

Well Plate Navigator
Easily set the capture settings for each well. The well position and name can be tagged to
images, making data management easier and well plate screening more efficient.

See full specs of CellSens dimensions screenshot below.

Predecessor to:
Current model

This Olympus IX83 Motorized Automated Multiwavelength with Autofocus Inverted Fluorescence Microscope is in good working condition with all of its aspects tested to be fully working.

Please see the exact videos and photos below

Optics Inspection:
Microscope and optics have been professionally cleaned by our microscopy technical team.
This inspection is repeated prior to the microscope being packed for shipping to its new destination.

Testing we performed:
The Olympus IX83 Motorized Automated Multiwavelength Inverted Fluorescence Microscope passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested LED lamp and source fully: PASSED
Tested fluorescence and source fully: PASSED
Tested transmission light path fully: PASSED
Tested reflective fluorescence light path fully: PASSED
Tested objectives for clarity: PASSED
Tested port-splitter to split between camera and eyepieces: PASSED
Tested motorized Z-axis: PASSED
Tested motorized XY stage: PASSED
Tested motorized objective turret: PASSED
Tested motorized fluorescence turret: PASSED
Tested mechanical condenser turret: PASSED
Tested Automated Multiwavelength function: PASSED
Tested connection from camera to laptop: PASSED
Tested live feed for clarity: PASSED
Tested all filter slides: PASSED
Tested control of all motorized components via software: PASSED

During testing this Olympus IX83 Motorized Automated Multiwavelength Inverted Fluorescence Microscope was found to have no issues.
A clear image was produced through the eyepieces as well as through the camera port.
All of the mechanical and motorized components moved freely and the test sample was brought into focus without excessive effort.

System consists of:
Olympus IX83 Inverted Microscope
CBH Olympus control box
U-MCZ remote
I3-TPC touch screen pad
Ergonomic binocular head
5-position mechanical condenser
IX2-DIC10 (DIC01021)
IX2-DIC20 (DIC01053)
U-DICT prism (DIC0075)
U-ANT lens insert (DIC00971)
IX3-ILL Illumination Arm
Fluorescence light path:
IX3-RFALFE fluorescence path w/ U-LLGAD light guide adapter
Fluorescence Cubes:
IX3-RFACA motorized turret
DAPI - EX 375/28nm DM 415nm EM 460/50nm (NEW FILTER SET)
FITC - EX 480/35nm DM 505nm EM 535/40nm (NEW FILTER SET)
Texas Red - EX 550/20nm DM 585nm EM 630/40nm (NEW FILTER SET)
*Other filters available - please inquire*
Olympus IX3-LHLEDC LED brightfield lamp
X-Cite Xylis LED fluorescence light source
Prior Motorized XY stage w/ Proscan III Controller
Prior Joystick
6-position Motorized Objective Turret
4x0.13 UPlanFLN (O-04886)
10x/0.30 UPlanFLN (O-04997)
20x/UPlanFLN (O-04999)
Photo/Port Split:
100% Left
50%/50% Left/Eyepieces
100% Eyepieces
Hamamatsu ORCA-flash4.0lt Super CMOS Digital Camera (C-00586) - See full specs in photos below.
Computer and Software:
Computer running applicable camera software
OLYMPUS cellSens Dimension 4.1.1
Motorized Components:
XY Stage, Z-Axis, Light Path Switching, Objective Nosepiece, Light Source Intensity

Communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Orientation: Inverted
Illumination: Brightfield w/ Fluorescence
Objectives: 4x/0.13 UPlanFLN, 10x/0.30 UPlanFLN, 20x/UPlanFLN
Light Sources: LED Brightfield lamp, X-Cite Xylis LED Fluorescence Light Source
Stage: Motorized XY

This Olympus IX83 Automated Multiwavelength Inverted Fluorescence Motorized Microscope is currently set up for Brightfield with Fluorescence studies.
The Hamamatsu ORCA-flash3.0lt digital camera is capable of taking detailed digital images.
This Olympus IX83 Automated Multiwavelength Inverted Fluorescence Motorized Microscope system includes a computer to control the MicroManager software and imaging software.

Video Description:
*This videos below show the actual microscope in this listing.*

The videos provide a walk around view of this Olympus IX83 Automated Multiwavelength Inverted Fluorescence Motorized Microscope and its included components.
Any available additional functionality options have also been demonstrated.
The camera that will be included with this microscope may differ from the one shown in the demonstration.

Datasheet: N/A

Brochure: Olympus IX83 Automated Multiwavelength Inverted Fluorescence Motorized Microscope

Manual: Olympus IX83 Automated Multiwavelength Inverted Fluorescence Motorized Microscope

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Video #1:




Camera Specification Below - Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0LT

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