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Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system

Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system
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  • Brand: Bio-Rad
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Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system


The predecessor to the Bio-Rad CFX Opus


  • Fully Functional
  • Fully Serviced 
  • Good condition
  • Optics Cleaned
  • Continental US Warranty 90 Days & 60 Days International.
  • Savings between $30,000 and $45,000
  • Multiple Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR systems on hand



Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR Overview and Application



Research Grade Real-Time PCR


Assay/Application examples: 

Quantitative PCR (qPCR): For DNA or RNA quantification, used in gene expression, copy number variation, and genotyping.

Reverse Transcription PCR (RT-PCR): For quantifying messenger RNA (mRNA) levels, useful in fields like oncology and microbiology.

High-Resolution Melt (HRM) Analysis: To study DNA sequence variations, used in SNP genotyping, mutation scanning, and methylation analysis.

Multiplex PCR: Allows simultaneous amplification of multiple DNA sequences.

Viral Load Quantification: For determining the amount of virus in a sample.

Pathogen Detection: Identifies and quantifies pathogen DNA or RNA in samples.

Gene Knockdown Analysis: Used to study the effects of gene knockdowns.

Verification of Microarray Results: qPCR on the CFX96 system is used to verify microarray results.

Protein Interaction Studies: Used in studying protein interactions via techniques like chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) followed by qPCR.


Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR System Configuration: (C1000 Touch with Optical Reaction Module (CFX96)


Thermal Cycler Component (C1000 Touch)

  • Power: Up to 850 W maximum
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz, single phase
  • Display: 8.5 inch LCD display and touchscreen
  • Ports: 5 USB A, 1 USB B
  • Memory: Over 1,000 typical programs onboard, unlimited with USB flash drive expansion
  • Dimensions: 13 x 18 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 23 lb
  • Temperature Control Modes: Calculated and block
  • Programming Options: Step-based graphical and automatic
  • Security Features: Optional log-in required mode for regulated environments
  • Reporting: Exportable run logs, system error logs
  • Onboard Software: Windows CE 6.0
  • PC Compatibility: Windows XP or higher
  • USB Peripheral Compatibility: Mouse, USB flash drive, bar code reader
  • Real-Time PCR Upgrade: CFX96, CFX96 Deep Well, or CFX384 Optical Reaction Module
  • Instant Incubation: Yes

Reaction Module (96-Well Fast)

  • Sample Capacity: 96 x 0.2 ml tubes or 1 x 96-well plate
  • Maximum Ramp Rate: 5°C/sec
  • Average Ramp Rate: 3.3°C/sec
  • Temperature Range: 0–100°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.2°C of programmed target at 90°C
  • Temperature Uniformity: ±0.4°C well-to-well within 10 sec of arrival at 90°C
  • Thermal Gradient: Available on all reaction modules with gradient accuracy ±0.2°C of programmed temperature at end rows, row uniformity ±0.4°C well-to-well (within row) within 10 sec of arrival at the target temperature, gradient range 30–100°C, and temperature differential range 1–24°C.

Optical Reaction Module (CFX96)

  • Excitation: 6 filtered LEDs
  • Detection: 6 filtered photodiodes
  • Range of Excitation/Emission Wavelengths: 450–730 nm
  • Sensitivity: Detects one copy of target sequence in human genomic DNA
  • Dynamic Range: 10 orders of magnitude
  • Scan Time: All channels - 12 sec, Single channel fast scan - 3 sec


This Bio-Rad CFX96 PCR system will include the following:

Bio-Rad C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler
CFX96 Real-Time PCR Optics Module
96Well Reaction Module
Standard power cord




What are the benefits of having a Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR Detection System in your lab?


The Bio-Rad CFX96 PCR system is a highly versatile PCR sytem:

  • Precise and accurate quantitative PCR with high sensitivity.

  • Simultaneous detection of multiple targets, saving time and reducing sample volume. (Multiplexing)

  • Wide dynamic range for detecting a broad range of target concentrations.

  • Thermal gradient capability for optimizing PCR conditions quickly.

  • Connectivity for seamless data transfer and collaboration.

  • Compliance features for regulated environments. (When you Purchase the 21 CFR Part 11 compliance modal from Bio-Rad)

  • Versatility in various applications, such as gene expression and pathogen detection.

  • Reliable performance and support from Bio-Rad.

  •  Compatibility with Bio-Rad reagents for optimal results.


Steps you take to verify, service, and confirm the functionality of the Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR Detection System?

Summary of testing & maintenance we perform (depending on included configuration):

  • We inspect the C1000 & CFX96 for physical damage.
  • The PCR machine is inspected and cleaned.
  • Mechanical components inspected, adjusted, and lubricated if necessary
  • The proper operation of electronic components is confirmed
  • Necessary repairs and services performed to make sure the PCR machine will function as intended
  • We test the operation of the LEDs. 
  • We check the operation of the cooling fans.(Commonly overlooked)
  • Multiple Protocol runs to various temperatures, including min and max to ensure full thermal operation.
  • Self-tests are performed to ensure no prominent failures.
  • The system is cleaned before reassembly.

What supplies do I need?

You will need the following consumables starting out: 


Can I view the PCR Instrument in person at your facility or do a live Zoom demo before it is shipped to me?

We offer both onsite and remote demos via Zoom.

  • We invite you to come in for an onsite Demo or schedule a Zoom demo of the Bio-Rad CFX96.

 What about the warranty? Installation, training, maintenance?

Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR system comes with a 90-Day Warranty.


Warranty Terms:

  • The warranty term is 90 Days from the date of the real-time PCR's arrival at the destination.
  • This includes parts and labor.



  • The warranty does not cover improper use.
  • Damage to the system due to pushing the lid up or down.
  • Electrical damage from plugging into an incorrect voltage. 
  • Improper storage procedures.
  • Issues caused by lack of proper standard maintenance.
  • Water damage.
  • Physical damage.


Optional Training Package:

We can offer Bio-Rad CFX96 Cytometer training (Remote setup, general instrument usage, and maintenance procedures guidance). This service is recomended to avoid alot of above issues. 


What should I watch out for when buying a Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR used/pre-owned from another lab?

Basic steps to confirm quality:

  • Confirm that internal optics are clean; this is often a complex undertaking if not already done.
  • Confirm there is no present physical damage to the connector between the C1000 and CFX optics module.
  • Confirm that each channel provides clean signals with the required sensitivity and intensity.
  • Make sure the lid is not damaged and opens/closes smoothly.
  • Make sure the screen operates and was not damaged.
  • Ensure that the system operates through the full temperature range without error.
  • Confirm that the Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR is appropriate to your application; 
  • Confirm that the fans operate for proper temperature control.
  • Make sure there are no missing components; it won`t be fast or inexpensive to correct.


If you have concerns, we highly recommend inspecting the Real-Time PCR system in person or doing a live Zoom call; this will allow you to evaluate the CFX96 and confirm that everything works.


 Do you have Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCRs on hand?
  • We stock multiple Bio-Rad CFX Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR systems along with many replacement parts.


I am from a University or College. Do you accept Purchase Orders?
  • If you are a US or Canadian customer, we are likely already a registered vendor in your University's vendor system. This would greatly expedite the process of PO approvals and get the Real-Time PCR system into your lab faster.
  • POs are accepted from US and Canadian universities.


 How fast will you ship?
  • We can ship within a few days to 2 weeks. Ship times depend on the current demand for our instruments. Members of our sales team will be able to offer current estimates.


Will my instrument be insured during shipping?
  • All Real-Time PCR Systems are shipped fully insured within the US and internationally as long as we are a shipper and handle shipping arrangements.
  • If the buyer handles shipping, then shipping insurance responsibility falls to the buyer; we highly advise that the buyer obtain shipping insurance from their carrier.


 How do you pack? Have you packed and shipped Real-time PCRs in the past? Do you ship Internationally?


  • Most PCR Sytems ship in fully enclosed ISPM-15 certified wooden crates, with proper padding underneath and the sides, and have moving components braced.
  • Accessories are packed safely in boxes with padding and then safely packed inside the crate.
  • We may not use a crate for local deliveries or smaller PCRs to save you money *if delivered by us.
  • We often use “tilt’ & “shock” indicators on the crates to ensure the crate has not been excessively tilted and dropped where equipment may suffer damage.
  • Photos are taken during the packing process to make sure nothing is missed.

USA/Canada Shipping

  • Within US and Canada, we will ship via selected freight carriers. We do not use low-price/high-damage carriers as we want the equipment to get safely to you.

International Shipping

  • Internationally we will only ship via Air Freight or Air Parcel (such as UPS, or DHL), which provides reliability, no exposure to Ocean weather, and timely delivery.
    We have extensive experience shipping Real-Time PCR Systems around the world.

Our experience and process

  • We have safely packed and shipped hundreds of sensitive analytical instruments, including Real-Time PCR.
  • Before final packing/shipping, the PCR is re-checked to verify performance.


*SM* Small Crate

How much will I save buying it pre-owned, and is it worth it?

A lot…and it is certainly worth it, and here is why.  Feel free to ask for feedback from hundreds of customers that bought from us.

  • You will save around 66-80% vs. buying a new PCR Machine.  Why not spend leftover funds on another instrument for your lab?
  • You will get a 90 days warranty, plus, when available, an option to obtain an extended warranty agreement. 
  • Get peace of mind knowing that your instrument was tested and working the day it left our facility and is covered if there are faults.


Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR is a predecessor model to the CFX Opus Real-Time PCR System; The Opus could be priced up to $55,000. So why not save your funds by buying Bio-Rad CFX96 PCR, get the high-quality data quality you expect from Bio-Rad, and use your leftover funds elsewhere?

  • Well, this one is easy; buying a pre-owned Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR is great for the planet; you are reducing unnecessary waste, CO2 output, and water use that would be used during the manufacturing process.   

 I have more questions; I want to receive a formal quote.

Absolutely! Please give us a call (1-617-366-2699) or complete this form to get your questions answered or receive a formal Quote.






Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR Brochure


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Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR qPCR Manual


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Every instrument has unique packing and shipping needs. Few instruments can be safely shipped via Pacel, and most require the safety of a well-built crate.

Here we are showing you our standard packing process  

      1. All items are different, but they all follow the same principle when packaging.

      2. Start with a well-constructed crate

A well-constructed crate would consist of 1/2” to 5/8” Plywood with framing. We generally purchase our crates from a third party who specializes in custom crates.

      3. You always want the Instrument to not be directly on the wood deck of the crate. This is done by placing it on foam, inside of the crate. We use 2” 1.7 lb. density foam which works great. It provides cushioning and enough firmness to support the Instrument.

      4. The next step is to make sure there is nothing on the deck of the Instrument and the Head/ Arm is secured. In some cases there will be multiple arms to secure but for this example there is only one. The reason for this is so there is no free movement during transit which could cause serious damage to the Instrument.

      5. The next step is to make sure your Instrument is covered in either a pallet bag or shrink wrap so no dust or foreign object will get into the crate.

      6. The next step is to secure the instrument inside the crate by bracing. We use a method of 2x4’s which have 1” foam shrink wrapped to them so no piece of wood touches the actual instrument.

      7. Final step is to photograph everything inside the crate and then seal it with screws.


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